Accurately capture and analyze human motion

Make Sense of Motion

Kinetisense is the leading developer of motion capture software for the rehabilitation, fitness, dental, and life science industries. We have revolutionized the way people capture and analyze human motion.

From developing the first commercial range-of-motion capture system in 2014, to the launch of the most objective balance assessment tool in 2016, Kinetisense continues to push the boundaries.

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Kinetisense Motion Capture
Kinetisense Motion Capture


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3D Range-of-Motion

No longer will you have to fumble around with the goniometer or resort to “eyeballing” your assessments. You can  analyze 40+ joint ROM movements in Real-Time with automatic reporting.


3D Posture

Kinetisense Real-Time Posture provides accurate data of the coronal, transverse and sagittal plane with the click of a button.  You can analyze a static posture or take your patient or client through postural training with this system.


3D Functional Movement

Kinetisense Functional Movement is the world’s first and only tool that provides Real-Time biomechanical data of the coronal and transverse planes, with a single front-facing camera.


3D Concussion and Balance

Kinetisense Balance analyzes the sway and tilt of the head, shoulders, hips and knees.  Our proprietary algorithms will score balance within seconds. Kinetisense is the most advanced concussion baseline tool and geriatric risk of fall system to date.



The Kinetisense system does something amazing. Anybody can use Kinetisense – from the clinician to the trainer. It’s a fun and intuitive system that allows us to capture posture and movement with a high degree of accuracy. It gave me another opportunity to interact with my clients: my people not only subjectively feel well, but they objectively move better!

Dr. Grove HigginsHuman Performance and Rehabilitation, Colorado Springs Center

The versatility of Kinetisense has seen it become the centerpiece of our clinic. The assessments are more engaging and the accuracy of the system is fantastic, patients see progress in objective data and respond extremely positively, they are motivated to move better which allows us to get to the cause of many troublesome conditions. Since we introduced Kinetisense to move freely sports therapy our patients have loved it and our business is booming. With functional assessment, KAMS screens and now the Concussion baseline tests we have been able to add extra services to our clinic which have opened up new markets and improved the care we provide our patients.

Daniel Cassels BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy, Move Freely Sports Therapy & Performance

Wow! Kinetisense has made my job as Movement Specialist so much easier. When my clients are able to see what I see, and understand why they are doing specific exercises, they start taking responsibility for their bodies. Compliance goes up and pain goes down! A happy pain free client is a great success. Kinetisense has increased my referrals by 30% in the last 2 months. I’m looking forward a great year. Thank you much.

Lorri GordonPhysiotherapist, GIFT Fellow


Kinetisense and

Windows 10 Computer

Kinect Sensor

Kinect Adapter

for Windows


Kinetisense has partnered with Microsoft to provide the best experience for our users.  Kinetisense incorporates the Microsoft Azure Cloud, the most advanced and secure cloud system on the planet.  Kinetisense users can have peace of mind that their data will be stored in a safe manner.  The Azure cloud makes Kinetisense the perfect tool in both multidisciplinary clinics and fitness centers.

Kinetisense offers concierge facility support, and a customized set-up so that your multidisciplinary clinic and fitness facility can get the most out of Kinetisense.  We will customize your cloud experience by providing your clinic or fitness facility a personalized cloud portal.


Why Kinetisense?

Kinetisense provides an efficient and accurate way to measure human movement. Kinetisense makes the practitioner/trainer better and helps the patient/client visually see their problems and progress.  You will see an increase in compliance and an overall improvement in treatment/training outcomes.

How does Kinetisense build my practice?

Improved patient perception of practitioner and clinic as “cutting edge”. Kinetisense also allows the practitioner to build a better treatment plan with the patient based on objective information.  Satisfied patient’s keep coming back and referring their friends.

Is Kinetisense fast and easy to use?

We know that you are very busy and that efficiency is key, Kinetisense was designed to be the fastest and easiest analysis tool on the market. Kinetisense efficiently measures and records movement, allowing you to save the data and create automatic medical and patient reporting. Kinetisense provides more objective information with less effort.

How accurate is Kinetisense?

Kinetisense uses the Microsoft Kinect Camera to accurately measure 3D human movement. Kinetisense has been validated by a third party University study conducted at a Human Performance Lab.  The study found Kinetisense to be as accurate as the research grade 9 camera Vicon system.

How does Kinetisense compare to alternative assessment tools?

The current methods and tools used to acquire Range of Motion of a single joint are very cumbersome to use and can lack intra and inter-examiner reliability.  Current posture analysis products require the practitioner to take pictures and manually locate the joints, or have the patient/client stand in front of a grid, this is very subjective and lacks efficiency.  The Real-Time capture of functional movement makes Kinetisense the perfect solution in the clinic or the fitness facility.

Who uses Kinetisense?

The Kinetisense Community of practitioners is composed of practitioners and trainers from around the world.  This community includes:

Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Dentists, Golf instructors, Podiatrists, Ergonomists, Massage therapists, Researchers, Occupational therapists, Personal trainers, Strength and conditioning coaches, Kinesiologists, General Medicine, Orthopaedic surgeons, Pediatricians, Corporate human resources, Coaches.