Help athletes safely return to play with the Kinetisense Balance Assessment for Concussion Management.

Objective Assessment

Kinetisense 3D Concussion is an objective balance assessment tool for concussion management. The system allows users to quantify the biomechanics of balance, before and after a suspected concussion or TBI (traumatic brain injury) occurs. The baseline screen is a modified version of the Balance Error Scoring System (BESS) test, a postural stability protocol commonly used for concussion monitoring. Kinetisense objectifies the BESS scoring system by applying 3D motion capture and computer learning to produce a balance score.


The Kinetisense balance for concussion management protocol consists of three stances on two different surfaces. The three stances are double leg stance, single leg stance, and tandem stance. The two different surfaces include both firm ground and foam surface. The patients/clients stance involves placing the hands on the iliac crests with eyes closed, shoes and socks should not be worn.  It is important to instruct the patient/client of the following faults prior to the start of the assessment:

  • All assessments are done with the eyes closed. The client/patient may not open their eyes during the assessment to help regain balance.
  • The score will reflect if the hands leave the hips, if the raised foot touches the ground or moves away from the center of the body, and if the stationary foot moves from the starting position.

Administering the 3D Concussion Protocol: Establish baseline score prior to the start of the athletic season. After a concussive injury, re-assess the patient/client and compare to the baseline score. To maintain the most current baseline score, it is recommended to re-assess during mid-season and post-season.

Scoring: Each of the trials is 20 seconds. The Kinetisense system incorporates a proprietary scoring algorithm that analyzes the sway of the head, shoulders, hips and knees in the transverse, sagittal and coronal planes. All of the data is stored in our HIPPA compliant cloud, making the system highly portable in your clinic/facility, or on the field of play. Post-concussion assessment scores are easily compared to the baseline score, giving insight as to when it is safe for the athlete to return to play.

Click here to see the full Kinetisense Concussion Balance Protocol.


Practitioners from multiple disciplines can easily implement Kinetisense into their daily routine. Objective data capture and analysis is achievable within seconds, and reports are automatically generated. Our state-of-the-art Microsoft Azure cloud system allows for safe and secure storage, practitioners are able to efficiently transfer reports with the click of a button.

Fitness professionals around the world are utilizing Kinetisense to set them apart from others in the industry. The ability to analyze human performance in all three planes of motion enables the trainer/coach to identify dysfunction and optimize performance. The portability and ease of use allows for the Kinetisense system to be used in a variety of clinical and non-clinical settings.

The portability and affordability of Kinetisense allow it to be used in multiple research settings and academic settings. Educational institutions from around the world are integrating the Kinetisense system into their research and curriculums. The real-time motion capture engages students in the learning process of biomechanics and human motion. With Kinetisense you have a research-grade movement analysis tool at a fraction of the cost of comparable products.


Kinetisense is much more than an assessment tool. Kinetisense Providers understand the value that Kinetisense offers to their patients/clients, and the overall business.

Available exclusively for our Kinetisense Providers, we offer an assortment customizable materials for education and marketing purposes. These materials are designed to promote the Kinetisense solution to patients, clients, physicians, athletic directors, athletic trainers, coaches, parents, and athletes. The goal of these materials is to help position your clinic as an industry leader in your community.


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