Fastest Movement Screen on the Market

12 Movements and a comprehensive report in just 3 minutes!

Assess trunk range of motion, 4 complex movements, 2 balance tests, and 2 single leg vertical leap tests

Track the performance of your Patients, Clients, and Athletes over time

Automated graphs and charts show progress over time for each movement involved in KAMS

Monthly or Quarterly re-assessments to show improvements and/or changes in function

Feedback Driven improvements

Since Kinetisense first opened its doors, we have made a commitment to taking customer feedback and using it to improve the product.

Our customers are the most important piece of the puzzle, so if you ever have a suggestion on how to improve your own personal experience, please let us know!

Automatic Reporting

Hand your client or patient a report only moments after they finish their KAMS assessment

Pictures, Dysfunction Scores and Functional Scores all included

100 Point Scale

Proper Functional Movement covers a wide range of functions and dysfunctions, so your scoring system should too

Each individual test is scored out of 100, and the entire test is given a score out of 100

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