Do a Posture Assessment with every patient

The Kinetisense 3D Posture Assessment only takes 20-30 seconds

Collect valuable information on your patient’s posture for future use

Validate your treatments in real time with objective posture numbers

No more Posture Grids or Wearables

Reduce your assessment time by having the Kinetisense 3D Posture Assessment do all the work for you

Increase the objectivity of your assessments and remove the potential for human errors

Anyone on your staff can use Kinetisense

Do you have a Chiropractic Assistant, Physical Therapy Assistant or another member of your staff that does your assessments?

We offer online training for your office so everyone knows how to run the system

Great Educational Tool

Easy to interpret posters to identify Good, Average and Poor Posture

Show your patient’s in Real-Time what good posture feels and looks like

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Take Kinetisense Anywhere

Take it to the local track and field competitions

Take it to your local hockey rink/football field/baseball diamond

Take it to your local CrossFit gym

Take it to your local college/university

Take it to a tradeshow

Easily attach reports to existing EMR/EHR

Kinetisense creates easy to print reports that can be saved or scanned to existing Electronic Health/Medical Records

Easy to use copy/paste functions for info-graphics and patient pictures

Kinetisense automatically produces graphs and charts of your patient’s postural changes over time

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