Kinetisense 3D Range-of-Motion


Kinetisense 3D Range-of-Motion is the first full body assessment system that systematically measures joint by joint. The user-friendly interface makes it the ideal tool to track and document progress.



No longer do you have to trade objectivity for efficiency. Kinetisense has been engineered to be user-friendly so that you can spend less time on the assessment process, and spend more time with your patient/client.


The system reproducibly captures the same joint positions and prompts the patient/client to start in the exact same position for every assessment. Kinetisense has been validated by an independent research lab to be “as accurate” as the Vicon motion capture system. 


Kinetisense has been designed to capture 40+ joint movements in the body. You can choose to do a full body work up or target areas of dysfunction such as the neck or shoulder.


Practitioners from multiple disciplines can easily implement Kinetisense into their daily routine. Objective data capture and analysis is achievable within seconds, and reports are automatically generated. Our state-of-the-art Microsoft Azure cloud system allows for safe and secure storage, practitioners are able to efficiently transfer reports with the click of a button.

Fitness professionals around the world are utilizing Kinetisense to set them apart from others in the industry. The ability to analyze human performance in all three planes of motion enables the trainer/coach to identify dysfunction and optimize performance. The portability and ease of use allows for the Kinetisense system to be used in a variety of clinical and non-clinical settings.

 The portability and affordability of Kinetisense allow it to be used in multiple research settings and academic settings. Educational institutions from around the world are integrating the Kinetisense system into their research and curriculums. The real-time motion capture engages students in the learning process of biomechanics and human motion. With Kinetisense you have a research-grade movement analysis tool at a fraction of the cost of comparable products.

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