Fast Assessments and Automatic Reporting

Range of Motion Testing takes 10-15 seconds per assessment

Kinetisense will automatically generate reports post-assessment

Measure 48 Ranges of Motion

Measure Neck, Back, Shoulders, Elbows, Hips and Knees, all with the same simple process

You can build your own ROM workflow to speed up your assessments even more

Easily attach reports to existing EMR/EHR 

Kinetisense creates easy to print reports that can be saved or scanned to existing Electronic Health/Medical Records

Hand the report right to your patient only moments after a test

Easy to use copy/paste functions for info-graphics and patient pictures

Take Kinetisense Anywhere

Take Kinetisense to your local Hockey Rink, Football Field, or Baseball Diamond

Take Kinetisense to your local Fitness Center or Crossfit Gym

Take Kinetisense to a University, High School or Track and Field Competition

Take Kinetisense to a Tradeshow as a marketing tool

Accepted by Leading Insurance Companies

Kinetisense has been successfully used by health practitioners to bill through insurance for Range of Motion Testing and Reporting.

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Anyone on your staff can use Kinetisense

Do you have a Chiropractic Assistant, Physical Therapy Assistant or another member of your staff that does your assessments?

We offer online training for your office so everyone knows how to run the system

Feedback Driven Improvements

Since Kinetisense first opened its doors, we have made a commitment to taking customer feedback and using it to improve the product. Our customers are the most important piece of the puzzle, so if you ever have a suggestion on how to improve your own personal experience, please let us know!

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