Kinetisense 3D Range of Motion

Kinetisense 3D Range of Motion is the first full body assessment system that systematically measures joint by joint. The user-friendly interface makes it the ideal tool to track and document progress. Kinetisense can analyze up to 48 different Range of Motion movements, including Knee, Hip, Spine, Elbow, Shoulders and Neck.



The Kinetisense ROM system analyzes joint mobility in real-time which allows for Kinetisense to be used in a variety of training applications.  Set-up the system anywhere in your training facility and give biofeedback to the prescribed joint ROM that you would like the client to move in.  Assess flexibility of the client, checking for asymmetries in joint ROM from left to right in real time and analyze later if needed.


The Kinetisense Range of Motion system will allow you to analyze over 40 joint ROMs of the body in Real-Time.  The system repeatedly captures the same anatomic landmarks for every assessment and measures joint range-of-motion in real-time. Throughout a prescribed rehabilitation protocol, joint analysis can be used pre treatment, throughout the protocol and post treatment, tracking progress throughout the entire process. Visually, the kinetisense system will upload all data into a conclusive report, easily available for your review.

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