Functional Movement in Real-Time

Until now, assessing multiple joints and joint axis both objectively and efficiently has been nearly impossible for the everyday practitioner.  The Kinetisense Functional Movement system solves this problem.

With Kinetisense you can acquire insightful movement data of the frontal, sagittal, and transverse planes of the body. Real-Time video recording makes Kinetisense the ideal tool for practitioners to identify any movement dysfunctions, and allows the practitioner to educate the patient on their movement.

This system presents Real-Time joint and body plane data while displaying  joint position, axis tilt, and axis rotation with a single front on facing Kinect camera. Kinetisense is the only product of it’s kind to give data of the joints in the overhead (transverse) plane with the use of a single front-facing Kinect camera.  Practitioners can use the built-in video analysis and screen capture components of this system to capture the biomechanical data that is seen on the screen.

The biomechanical data is embedded into the video, which means that the data can be captured long after the patient leaves the clinic.  The data is saved in the patient profile, allowing for the practitioner to produce graphs, patient reporting, and practitioner reporting within seconds.  The system also creates automatic SOAP notes with the click of a button, allowing for all of all of the data to be easily pasted into or printed out for your records.  Kinetisense will forever change your practice, and keep you more efficient than ever!

Range-of-Motion in Real-Time

No longer will you have to fumble around with the goniometer/inclinometer, or resort to “eyeballing” your assessments. Kinetisense joint-recognition allows for practitioners to analyze over 40 ranges of motion of the body. The system reproducibly captures the same anatomic landmarks for every assessment, and measures joint range-of-motion in Real-Time.

With patient feedback, Kinetisense will document the type of dysfunction (i.e- pain, clicking, crepitus), as well as the VAS intensity of the dysfunction. Practitioners are able to acquire both passive and active joint ROM data as the system has been designed to automatically “lock onto” the patient when they are closest to the camera.  Pre- and post- range-of-motion movements can easily be compared with the automated graphing and reporting functionalities.

Kinetisense prompts the patient to start in the exact joint position as the initial assessment and displays dots on the screen to show the range of motion where the initial dysfunction had occurred.  Automatic graphs, reports, and SOAP notes are created with the click of a button.

Real-Time Posture

Using traditional assessment methods has made it very difficult for practitioners to accurately and efficiently analyze posture.  Other posture products are subjective and require having your patient stand in front of background grids, or require the practitioner to manually place dots on a picture of the body.  Wearable systems would require over 27 sensors to be placed on the body to capture the data that Kinetisense acquires with a single camera.  You cannot afford to be spending valuable time trying to analyze a patient’s posture with these subjective and cumbersome tools.

Kinetisense is the only Real-time posture analysis system on the market.  Practitioners can use this system as much more than a diagnostic tool because the data is displayed in Real-Time, the patient can go through postural exercises and poses while they are on screen.  The immediate Real-Time biofeedback that the system provides is invaluable in posture rehabilitation. 

Kinetisense has been proven to be the most efficient and effective solution to analyze the frontal, sagittal, and transverse planes in the body.  The Real-Time Kinetisense Posture System provides data on joint position, joint axis tilt, and joint axis rotation.  The system collects all of the posture data of your patient with the click of a button and produces reports and SOAP notes within seconds.

The Transverse Plane, in Real-time

Unfortunately, many current movement screens require “eyeballing” movement.  It is quite apparent how this lacks objectivity, especially when being assessed by different practitioners.  Eyeballing movement has other limitations as well, we are limited in our assessment as to what we are able to see.  An example of this is the assessment of the overhead squat, we can visually see changes in the frontal plane and sagittal plane with a well trained eye, subjectively of course.  However, unless we are able to stand above our patient and have a “birds eye” view it is nearly impossible to properly assess the transverse plane.  The transverse plane is one of the most important as many compensations in movement occur in this plane.

Kinetisense is the only system to objectively acquire Real-Time movement data of the body in the transverse plane.  The combination of the infrared camera technology, sonar-like capabilities of the camera and the proprietary algorithms of the Kinetisense software allows for accurate movement analysis of the transverse plane, all with one “front-on” facing Kinect camera.  Imagine how this added insight will improve your overall assessment process and selection of your prescribed corrections.