Jo Dyson

Jo Dyson

Director of Outbound Marketing and Sales

Jo Dyson is responsible for the outbound National and International sales and customer relations for Kinetisense. He is also the future KAMS World record holder. After studying Hotel & Restaurant Management in the UK, he hit the road and finally made his way to Canada. His love of travel and adventure led to a 20 year career in the hospitality industry, working all over the World in hotels, at golf resorts and on cruise ships. Jo knows the benefits of Kinetisense first hand, as a long time patient of Kinetisense co-founder and CEO, Ryan Comeau. Jo is passionate about seeing other practitioners and patients discover the benefits of objective movement analytics. When he’s not on the phone, Jo is an avid golfer, snowboarder and dog walker.

Codi Loran

Codi Loran

Associate of Product Advancement

Codi is an Associate of Product Advancement of Kinetisense Inc. Codi played post-secondary Volleyball while at Medicine Hat College in the first years of her undergraduate degree. She then transferred to the University of Lethbridge where she worked as a Student Athletic Trainer with the U of L Women’s Hockey Team and received her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology.

Codi was introduced to Kinetisense while working as a summer student during her undergraduate degree. Upon the completion of her degree she joined the Kinetisense team to expand her passion with athletics and functional movement.


Glenn Runnalls

Dr. Glenn Runnalls

Director of Business Development

Dr. Glenn Runnalls (Ph.D.) is the Director of Business Development for Kinetisense. Dr. Runnalls has over 30 years of experience in Higher Education with a focus on administration and organizational development. Dr. Runnalls brings important insights into the biopsychosocial conditions that make for long-term resilience in organizations and their people.

Glenn?s role is to support the team broadly and to help the leadership follow the path towards long-term viability as the company shifts from a focus on the product to customer development.

Evan Kawa

Evan Kawa

Lead Senior Developer

Evan Kawa is the Lead Senior Developer at Kinetisense. Evan has over ten years of experience developing applications utilizing Computer Vision, VR, and AR across a wide range of platforms. With a background in user experience (UX) design and implementation, Evan has joined the Kinetisense team to help continuously improve the Kinetisense App by integrating new technologies, developing highly requested features, and iterating on design to create the most cutting-edge and easy-to-use movement analysis system in the world.

Brent Kilbasco

Brent Kilbasco

Senior Engineer

Brent Kilbasco is a Senior Engineer at Kinetisense. Brent has 12 years experience in developing and leading teams of developers in building software applications ranging from educational games for children to training courseware for the Department of National Defence, to full stack enterprise application suites.

His passion for development and both visually and functionally elegant code can be traced back well before his professional days. He fell in love with coding in grade school when taking his first programming class. After being introduced to programming and software development, all his lunch hours were spent tinkering and building small apps and turn-based role-playing games.

A coding heavyweight and software optimization and performance expert, his keen interest in motion tracking, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, coupled with his love for helping people has brought him to Kinetisense to put his passion into the Kinetisense App.

Beau Sauls

Dr. Beau Sauls

Director of Product Advancement

Dr. Beau Sauls is the Director of Product Advancement at Kinetisense. Dr. Sauls began using Kinetisense while in chiropractic school and helped implement the technology into the student clinic at Parker University, including staff doctor training. He also started the Kinetisense Screening Club, where students meet to learn how to use Kinetisense to assess and help their future patients. Dr. Beau Sauls is a functional movement and active rehab specialist and is opening the Kinetic Centre Dallas (Texas) to continue to change patients? lives and help people move more functionally, using objective data provided by Kinetisense.

Dr. Beau is the host of KinetiKast, a podcast centered around the Kinetisense technology and how to use it to improve movement, performance, and rehab. Featured guests include Dr. Ryan Comeau, Dr. Bill Morgan, Rich Froning, Dr. Patrick Vellner, Patrick McKeown from the Oxygen Advantage and many more!

Alex Graham

Alex Graham

Business Coordinator

Alex is the Business Coordinator at Kinetisense and the KAMS world record holder. Alex began her journey with Kinetisense as an intern while undergoing a degree in Sports Science. Alex is a certified Eleiko Strength and Conditioning coach and NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist at the Alberta Sport Development Centre, working with elite, youth athletes.

Alex is the host of KinetiKoach and Movement Monday, providing KAMS corrective exercise strategies and applications of the software. Alex is an avid CrossFitter and is the Project Lead on KAMS X.