Beau Sauls

Dr. Beau Sauls

Director of Product Advancement

Dr. Beau Sauls is the Director of Product Advancement at Kinetisense. Dr. Sauls began using Kinetisense while in chiropractic school and helped implement the technology into the student clinic at Parker University, including staff doctor training. He also started the Kinetisense Screening Club, where students meet to learn how to use Kinetisense to assess and help their future patients. Dr. Beau Sauls is a functional movement and active rehab specialist and is opening the Kinetic Centre Dallas (Texas) to continue to change patients? lives and help people move more functionally, using objective data provided by Kinetisense.

Dr. Beau is the host of KinetiKast, a podcast centered around the Kinetisense technology and how to use it to improve movement, performance, and rehab. Featured guests include Dr. Ryan Comeau, Dr. Bill Morgan, Rich Froning, Dr. Patrick Vellner, Patrick McKeown from the Oxygen Advantage and many more!